Mortgage Advice

We specialise in all types of mortgages whether your :

First Time Buyers – Buying your first home can be a daunting but rewarding adventure and having someone to guide you on your way can be invaluable.  Not only to ensure that you get the best advice but to also help save you money along the way. Having someone on hand to answer all those questions as and when they come your way and keep you on the right track is essential to making the experience of buying your first home an unforgettable one for all the right reasons.

Home Movers – Moving as part of a chain of properties is always a new experience but moving up the property ladder is a step we all want to take, whether it be because of an expanding family or expanding career move and wanting to work from home or simply to get that dream garden you have always wanted. Our expertise can help ensure you know exactly what steps you need to take and what happens next while helping you save money and get the best mortgage deal for your new home.

Re-Mortgage – Whether your looking to borrow further funds to build that extension you have always wanted or simply to move from your existing lender, as you have come to the end of the deal on your current mortgage. We want to help you search the market and see if there is an even better deal out there to help you save money.You may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you remortgage 

Buy to let/ Let to Buy – Are you looking to venture into the buy to let market or do you want to rent your existing property out to make an onward purchase the specialised expert advice you need is right here on hand to ensure you know your getting exactly the right mortgage to suit your needs.

Investors – If your a portfolio landlord or limited company purchasing property you will know the market is ever changing, with more and more lenders wanting your business and exclusive rates being launched daily whether your making your next purchase or simply wanting to review your existing portfolio then now is the right time to contact us to find out how we can help.

Retirement – With a lot of clients still having mortgages and nearing retirement your existing lender may be looking for you to repay this mortgage which can be daunting and potentially keeping you awake at night thinking your only option is to sell your home. There are specialised lenders out there who can offer you alternative options with no maximum repayment age giving you peace of mind and keeping you in your home.

Self – Employed / Contractors – More and more clients are now self employed or sub- contracting and people still think it is daunting and difficult to obtain a mortgage. Whether you’re a director of your own limited company or a sole trader or simply sub-contracting for someone else, there are options available.

Poor Credit – Have you missed monthly payments, obtained historic CCJ’s or defaults or entered into a debt management plan when you became overwhelmed by debts. This is not uncommon and  most clients feel this will stop them from buying their first home or moving up the property ladder however there are still lenders out there willing to help you contact the experts and don’t let your debt history hold you back.